Each year, thousands of precious lives are lost due to electrical short wiring and other electricity-related complications. Whether you are living in your own house or a rented apartment, it is always best to hire a licensed electrician for regular inspection. Bear in mind that there is always need for regular repairing or upgrading – both of them can essentially save your life and of people around you.

If you are living in a populated city such as Singapore, then there are high chances that you might have endured electricity-related problems at some point in your life. It is because electrical wiring gets worn down after some time and problems start to appear if there is no proper inspection and maintenance.

Here are some clear signs which indicate that you need to call an electrician without a second of delay:

Sign 1: The Circuit Breaker Starts to Trip Frequently

If the circuit breaker of your home is tripping repeatedly then it means that the circuit is overloaded. It is because circuit breakers are designed in such a way that they trip when the circuit becomes overloaded. This prevents overheating in wires along with the possible chance of wires catching fire.

Sign 2: The Indication of Blown Fuses

A fuse is designed in such a way that it ‘blows’ when the current which is running through the wires exceeds the allowed limit for an excessive period of time. As a result of a blown fuse, the faulty equipment gets disabled and an unfortunate event is prevented. If fuses start blowing frequently then it is time for you to call a licensed electrician.

Sign 3: The Flickering of Lights

In case you notice that lights in your house flicker or get dimmed on regular basis then it can be due to a wiring problem in your house. Instead of checking the wires and repairing them yourself (it is highly recommended to not do this), the best approach is to call an electrician.

Sign 4: Burning Smell

It is always not a good sign if there is a burning smell in the house. It can be even more worrisome if you cannot figure out the exact location from which the smell is coming out. It is because the wiring in the walls gets damaged with the passage of time and can cause a fire. In case you smell something burning, turn off the main electricity supply and call an electrician without a second of delay.

Sign 5: Damaged Wires in the House

Wiring has to be done with good-quality material and if the material is average-quality then it can wear and tear over the years. The best approach is to not wait for any mishap to happen and call an electrician as soon as possible.

Well, these were the 5 clear signs which can indicate that you need the services of a professional electrician. Just keep in mind that your attentive attitude towards these signs can save you from any forthcoming loss.