A lot of homeowners take satisfaction and pride from the completion of DIY improvements and repairs. However, as far as electrical work is concerned, there are high stakes of making rookie mistakes.

There are many common electrical projects which are not extensive or complicated, yet even the smallest of jobs can lead to property damages or serious injuries when done improperly. However, before you make plans to go DIY on an electrical project, it is a must that you know all the risks associated with it.

Things That Can Go Wrong When You Do Electrical Jobs on Your Own

Electricians go through an extensive amount of training for them to earn the necessary certifications and licenses they need for their job. This is because mistakes will not only be dangerous to them but even for the people in the homes and buildings they work on. Although you might be familiar with how a circuit box works, below are some of the things that can happen during an electrical mishap:

  • Electrical shock – Even if this is not instantly fatal, serious electrical shocks can cause some side effects such as difficulty in breathing, seizures, and even cardiac arrest.
  • Electrocution – While the term is usually misused to non-fatal electrical shocks, electrocution happens when someone dies because of the electrical current that flowed through his or her body. Voltage in an ordinary home electrical wiring is life threatening already.
  • Property destruction – Just because you are not harmed, it is not an assurance that your house is lucky. A faulty electrical job can lead to fires.
  • Burns – Minor shocks sometimes result to some kind of contact burn which could end up severe in worse cases.

Save Money When You Hire an Electrician Singapore

Among the most common reasons why many electrical novices try to handle electrical repairs is in the hopes of saving money. However, this plan could backfire easily even if no one is hurt during the process. A poorly done electrical work often leads to destructive fires. This can also destroy fixtures, fry circuits, as well as damage your major appliances. If things turn awry, the price of the repair needed is sometimes several times higher than
what it would have cost you to hire an electrician Singapore in the first place.

One thing that can make situations worse is that most homeowners insurance companies usually request for a confirmation that the electrical repair was done by licensed electricians before they cover the damages from the related events. When your insurance provider finds out that you were the one who did the work to save money, you might end up losing your claims, or it can even completely invalidate the policy. See to it that you understand all the details of your insurance policy before you engage in any DIY work.

When you enlist the services of an electrician Singapore, you are not only passing the risks onto a professional. You are also hiring an expert with the right knowledge and expertise that you yourself is lacking.